Shopping for Tonneau Covers (Truck Bed Covers) in Canada

Tonneau cover is the name given to a wide custom-made cover which usually fits on the cab of a pickup truck. Tonneau cover keeps your pickup truck safe from the harsh elements. Originally, some early pickup trucks had an open rear compartment with only passenger seats covered. The space was large like a basket, so tonneau.

At that time, soft covers were used to protect the cab-end passengers from the harsh weather while they were in use. But now days, you can find different types of tonneau covers for all types of pickup trucks and cabs. There are soft covers, hard covers and tilt covers. For soft covers, you can use custom printed soft tonneau covers with a logo of your favorite sports team, favorite motorcycle group or your company logo. You can even tie your truck bed covers with the same pattern and color.

For hard top tonneau covers, you can use solid colors like black and camouflage prints. If you want to add soft covers as well as cargo bed access, you can use different style of tonneau covers with soft fabric and hard cover with hard plastic layer. In addition, you can order custom tonneau covers through online shops by specifying your measurements, options and your design preference.