CBD edibles: What the fuss is all about

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of many chemical compounds derived from the cannabis plant. If getting high is your goal, CBD products can’t help. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the part of the cannabis plant that causes euphoria. CBD can help you fight pain and anxiety without the drawbacks of THC, such as paranoia and memory challenges.

Benefits of CBD Edibles

If you’ve used CBD as a drop under the tongue or in a vaping tool, you know the benefits of the product. However, many don’t like the feeling of smoking, while others aren’t comfortable with the carrier oils used to place CBD under the tongue. CBD gummies deliver CBD in a much more controlled and slow release fashion.

While vaped CBD and sublingual placement go straight into your bloodstream and brain, CBD edibles pass through the digestive tract. The process of digestion slows your CBD absorption, turning a quick delivery of CBD into a slow release.

CBD in Combination

There are CBD gummies that are paired with melatonin. If sleeping well is a challenge for you, this pairing, taken in the evening, may be a great option to help you reduce anxiety and sleep deeply and well. Be aware that CBD effectiveness can change over time.

CBD as a Sweetener

If you enjoy a cup of tea in the middle of the day, you can also enjoy a slow release of CBD with the addition of CBD honey sticks. You can make these at home, purchase CBD honey in bulk and prepare your own, or buy them already packaged.

CBD honey can be added to a bowl of oatmeal or used to moisten your lips. As one of the side effects of CBD can be a dry mouth, using CBD honey to moisturize your lips or as a hard candy to suck on can both provide you with the CBD you need and lessen the dryness.

CBD Edibles are Discreet

Cannabis-based products are still suspect in much of the world. If you’ve found benefit from CBD, you will want to be careful how and with whom you share this information. Sucking on a CBD lozenge or enjoying a CBD gummy is a quick and private way to get your CBD without dealing with any judgment or suspicion.

CBD Side Effects

If you’ve never used cannabis products, you may find that CBD in any form causes both mouth and eye dryness. Try lowering your CBD intake if you notice any eye redness, or use preservative-free eye drops to boost the moisture level without increasing irritation.

CBD products are helping people across the United States with a variety of challenges. As we break away from the idea that all products related to cannabis are dangerous or habit-forming, CBD use is getting more popular. To make sure you’ve got consistent access to this useful product, keeping edibles within easy reach can give you both the benefits of CBD and the privacy you need.